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For corporations, businesses and any working environment.

We offer the ability to work alongside your company and working environment in a few different ways


– Our team is available to come to your office and spend time with your staff educating them about mental health, from signs and symptoms and what action to take if yourself or someone close to you is struggling, importance of good emotional wellbeing, how we work

Management support

– Working alongside HR and managers to educate and give the ability to support staff who may be struggling with sickness and mental health, how best to support empower and accommodate them throughout their struggles without running risk of….

Open door availability

This could lead in 2 directions

  • To allocate some time every week/month where a Mind member of staff is available on premises to talk through any individual issues and signpost if appropriate
  • To set up an agreement between Brentwood mind and your company of discounted availability for wellbeing and counselling for staff or individuals who may need it.