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Brentwood Mind have been helping people in the community for 40 years through its drop in and bridge building services.

We help hundreds of people each year deal with depression, stress and a range of mental illnesses. We are currently looking for ways to develop our services we offer to all our service users as well as other professionals. The services we provide to individual service users who are viewed to be vulnerable to mental health difficulties have the right to be treated as individuals and be fully consulted in any decision that they are directly affected by and enjoy the patterns of a normal life in the community. Everyone at Brentwood Mind are determined to campaign for better mental health for all individual service users and have the drive and heart to achieve all targets we create.

Brentwood Mind was formed in the early 1970’s to help those in the Brentwood and local community suffering with mental illness and assist them in leading full and interesting lives.

The organisation has been transformed on many occasions to meet the needs of the community and delivers the services provided by the National Health Service and other charitable institutions. This has meant creating and providing facilities for recreational activities which allow the users to socialise and ensure they remain part of the greater community.

We are now providing a range of services from discussion groups to sporting activities which create an inclusive environment for all our users.

The provision of these types of services is critical to maintain the health of our community and as our social and working lives become more involved and stressful the levels of our services need to respond to these greater needs.

We are committed to provide the highest level of service and ensuring we provide these services in accordance with best practice provided by the Mental Health Professionals.

Brentwood Mind is affiliated to Mind, the largest mental health charity in the United Kingdom, and is a registered charity in England.

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